May 2019

Meliński Minuth, as a conscious provider of services in the event industry, from the very beginning of its activity attaches great importance to having a sustainable business management system. Over the years, we have developed a number of practices, which are overwhelmingly in line with the recommendations of ISO 20121. In 2014, we started the project:

The Olympic Games in London made international organizations aware of the need to develop a new standard defining a sustainable management system in the event industry. The continual increase in the number of events and the global reach of such projects require a responsible approach that will take into account the economic, environmental and social consequences of mass events. Accordingly, the International Standardization Organization introduced IS0 20121: Sustainability in event management ", jointly drawn up by 30 countries. Within the new ISO 20121 standard, a framework of pro-ecological solutions has been drawn up that can be used not only by