Design and assembly of stands 

Innovativeness and perfection 

Our pro­ject team con­si­sts of gra­du­ates of art and tech­ni­cal uni­ver­si­ties. Their pas­sion is the tra­de fair, and the gre­atest ambi­tion is to pre­pa­re the pro­ject in such a way that it pre­sents itself much bet­ter in real life than on the com­pu­ter scre­en. Project Managers Team sup­ports them in this acti­vi­ty, super­vi­sing the assem­bly of the stand and ensu­ring the highest quali­ty of workmanship.

Our clients value us for the quality, design and comprehensiveness of our services. We offer you:

  • Creative design, in line with trends in glo­bal exhibitions
  • Reliable quote
  • Transport, also at your requ­est, of your products
  • Perfect assem­bly of the stand and disas­sem­bly with full atten­tion to your products
  • Technical sup­port during the tra­de fair event
  • Approval of the tech­ni­cal pro­ject at the event orga­ni­zer, media order, sta­tic zalcu­la­tions, pro­vi­sion of neces­sa­ry fire pro­tec­tions, that is all that you spend awa­ke at night
  • Catering, mul­ti­me­dia solu­tions, hostes­ses, flo­ral deco­ra­tions, orga­ni­za­tion of events at the stand and a wide ran­ge of servi­ces accom­pa­ny­ing the fair.