You can trust our comprehensive support

Creating a trade fair stand or other spatial arrangement is a process that requires the exchange of information, competence and mutual trust of many people.

You can rely on our comprehensive support from design to dismantling and storage



It all starts with a conversation

We listen carefully to your needs and goals to develop an aesthetically pleasing, functional and unique design in line with your marketing strategy.

We focus on technological innovations

We are familiar with technological innovations and global exhibition trends, which we skilfully match to expectations, including financial ones.

Original concept with 3D visualization

The result of our activities is an original concept including 3D visualizations of the stand together with a proposal of construction and material solutions. We use a virtual walk-through of the stand so that you can get a feel for the trade fair hall at the very first stage of preparation.



A tailor-made stand is no problem for us

The design of a tailor-made stand, the use of non-standard materials and the requirements of trade fair and event organizers are a piece of cake for us.

We advise you on space selection

We have mastered to excellence the technical aspects of implementing a stand in any European exhibition location. We advise on the most attractive hall space, approve the design and order the necessary trade fair services.

We prepare technical files

We carefully develop the technical file for each stand element. At this stage of the work, our teams work closely together to select the best solutions and confirm all arrangements. Every detail is considered down to the smallest detail to guarantee timely and top-quality implementation.

We assign a project manager

The entire work is overseen by a dedicated project manager who, in addition to coordinating the process, reveals the trade fair secrets to exhibitors.



We transform design into reality

A stand in construction - in a word, we turn a project into reality! And this is thanks to our experienced and committed team of specialists in various fields: carpenters, painters, graphic designers, electricians, warehousemen or installers.

We optimize costs, time and materials

Conversely, our state-of-the-art production facilities allow us to optimise costs, time and materials and directly control the quality of each component as it is manufactured.

We operate in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures

Operating in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures means you can be sure that everything has been done according to specification. Once the development elements have been verified and approved, transport is prepared in appropriately labeled crates and pallets. This strategy is necessary in order to make the turnkey trade fair stand as efficient as possible.



We work with reliable suppliers

We work with reliable suppliers, particularly for transport services within Europe. The just-in-time principle that we apply is of paramount importance in order to complete all tasks on schedule.

We work quickly and precisely

The short time available for stand assembly requires us to carry out the work with precision and speed: suspensions, floor structures, floors, walls, installation of connections, various graphic forms and multimedia solutions. Our competent, close-knit and multi-tasking assembly team makes numerous efforts to ensure that the whole project presents itself perfectly to the customer's great satisfaction.



We operate according to the idea of eco-thinking

In the final stage of the process, we aim to deconstruct the elements of the structure with a view to their potential for reuse. This activity manifests the idea we promote of eco-thinking, to recycle and modify already created displays, furniture and structures, giving them new life in other spatial contexts.

We optimize the use of resources

We create individual exhibition programmes based on the selected stand concept. We rely on manufactured stand components, which we store, refresh and reassemble for the next event. In this way, we optimize the use of all resources and, above all, act in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with ISO 20121.

We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image

Let's create the next project together