Visual identification is embodied in large-format graphics.

We offer a wide range of graphic services

With the development of the company, the Meliński Minuth graphic studio was established, where a team of professionals provides the highest quality and timeliness of services, offering competitive prices on the market.

Every client's vision will find its reality, whether according to the design or custom expectations, we will advise on the choice of colours, optimal surfaces and pixels!

Meliński Minuth graphic studio will enable you to maintain a coherent visual identity.

Studio graficzne 02

We have modern production facilities

Our wide range of graphic services is achieved not only thanks to our top skilled professionals who know graphic know-how but also thanks to our modern production facilities!

Large-format prints on various flat surfaces such as wood, plexiglass, glass, fabric, foil, illuminated graphics, 3D logos or on foil – we offer advice and execution.

We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image

Let's create the next project together