Point of sale

We focus on a comprehensive perception of the brand and its needs.

We focus on a comprehensive perception of the brand and its needs.

We apply our experience in the exhibition industry by also offering our clients stands in shopping malls.

This is a special type of implementation, where not only an interesting design idea is required, but above all a functional layout of the space available to the exhibitor.

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We make the motto "see more" a reality

Marketing and sales activities can take many forms, and the right presentation will attract the attention of the recipient. The motto “see more” is put into practice in projects that support the commercial activities of companies. The most important of these are various types of ‘point of sale’ – so-called POS.

The variety of spatial solutions and other media and promotional materials we use will be dressed up in an original concept, reinforcing the main objective of the client interested in creating such a space.

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We use a wide range of materials

We make the stands from a wide range of materials for durability and aesthetic appeal. What’s more, we offer not only the structure itself, but also custom furniture, graphics and multimedia equipment.

We create them in such a way that no one will pass by indifferently. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, we make the islands ourselves, guaranteeing attention to every detail. We have mastered the combination of functionality and aesthetics to perfection!

Creation and realisation (process)

We go through the design process with you – we are happy to discuss it with you, so that we can create a shopping island that fully realises your ideas and sales goals.

  1. Your needs
    We love meeting our clients! Getting to know you, your company and the main ideas behind your business are essential for us to create the best solution to strengthen your business. We listen attentively, we are not afraid to ask questions and we are available whenever you expect us to support you.
  2. Design & creativity
    Our design team are people whose love is design and design. Their original ideas make us rediscover things we thought had no secrets anymore. The idea is not to reproduce what has already been created, but to create something that will inspire others.
  3. Reaching our goals
    You are the most important to us! Our goal is therefore your satisfaction. We are aware that we will only achieve this if our perfect project materialises in the form of a service island of the highest quality. Then it’s only a matter of time before your sales strategy becomes not just a vision, but a realised plan.

We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image