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When Polish dynamism meets German tradition...

The story of a leader in trade fair stand design begins. Andrzej Melinski joins forces with the German company Minuth, which boasts more than 100 years of experience in the trade fair sector.

In the same year, the company becomes a member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, one of whose founders is Andrzej Melinski, who is engrossed in the industry.


Opening of the headquarters of Creative Solutions

In 1996, Meliński Minuth’s head office with its production and storage hall appeared on the map of Poznan. The address has remained unchanged since then. It is here that we carry out administration, agree details with clients and design, then turn unconventional ideas into reality.


With Polish roots and European range

In 1999, a takeover of shares takes place and Meliñski Minuth becomes an exclusively Polish company, for which one of the breakthrough events is the first realization abroad – the Amica stand at the Domotechnica fair in Cologne. The company is owned by Teresa and Andrzej Meliński, who are still actively involved in the life of the company today. They not only manage the team, but also support the employees with their advice and experience.


Award-winning quality of services and activities

The first decade of the 21st century has seen continuous development – including the company implementing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Thanks to the efficient organisation and creativity of the designers, Meliński Minuth is highly regarded by the jury of many competitions. A string of successes, various distinctions and awards begins.


From the local to the global market

Alongside organisational development comes the expansion of the portfolio of overseas projects. One of these is the participation under its own brand in the EuroShop trade fair in 2005. Four years later, Meliński Minuth becomes a member of the IFES International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services, thus consolidating its position on the international stage.


Vision achieved in investments

Andrzej Meliński thinks ahead, so that he is always one step ahead of the game. In 2009, he expanded the graphic studio with a new large-format printing machine, which perfectly complements the comprehensiveness of our services.

The company’s continuous investment and value growth are recognised, among others, in the prestigious Forbes Diamonds 2010 ranking.


Green steps forward

Far from being indifferent to the environment, we are beginning to take action in line with the idea of sustainability. Our activity is confirmed by the Sustainability Award awarded by IFES in 2013. In 2014, we were the first in Poland and few in Europe to implement the ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management System, and a year later we received the implementation certificate.


Space for mutual success

In order to provide the highest quality services, we are constantly improving the comfort of our employees. In 2018, the office building is expanded adapting to the needs of the entire team. The new meeting rooms, offices, social areas and outdoor terrace are cohesive and maintained in a modern aesthetic.

Nasze DNA 10

From exhibition stands to interiors with style

In view of the dynamic reality, we are diversifying the company’s portfolio. We are extending our services to include the design of office and residential interiors, but our main focus remains on the creation of trade fair stands.

We do not act alone! As members of many organisations we have a real impact on the development of the exhibition industry!


  1. #PIPT /Polish Chamber of Commerce/ – President Meliński Minuth – Andrzej Meliński is a co-founder and former vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, so we feel particularly connected to it. Belonging to the organisation allows us to implement global initiatives on the Polish exhibition market, which in turn contributes to the continuous development not only of our company but also of the entire industry.

  2. #WIPH /Wielkopolska Chamber of Trade and Industry/ We support initiatives in the local market, which is why we are also active in the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce Industry. We draw inspiration from and inspire, thus contributing to the growth of competitiveness and innovation in the Wielkopolska region.

  3. #IFES – we have been operating internationally since the company’s foundation, so it was important for us to enter the ranks of the global organisation IFES – International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services. We are proud to be the first company in Poland to join such a distinguished group of event companies. The regular meetings, discussions and listening to our partners’ suggestions have a significant impact on the development of the trade fair and event industry and the implementation of new ideas in it. Establishing business relationships enables us to offer our services in any location in the world.

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