Our team comprises passionate people who possess an in-depth understanding of the industry!

We work as a team.

In our team, there is no word "impossible". Instead, we say "booth"!

We work as a team because we aim for one goal called: complete customer satisfaction.

Get acquainted with our team of experts who bring to life extraordinary displays at trade fairs.

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One hundred percent female marketing department

Marketing, considered the most sociable and one hundred percent female department at Meliński Minuth, sees a new inquiry as a perfect opportunity for a meeting or even a brief phone conversation.

They ask many questions, but entirely harmless ones. Based on this, they direct the inquiry to the right person at the right time.


Designers, or contemporary cubists

When it comes to booth design, the marketing department directs inquiries to individuals with a rather extraordinary skill: they perceive the world in a “cubic” manner.

The designers in our team are contemporary cubists who can establish harmony between aesthetic vision and static calculations. They have perfected the art of compromise between artistic creativity and the client’s budget.


Skilled and creative craftsmen

The machine park is an understatement. Here, a very strict law rules: only precisely made and meticulously finished elements will leave the warehouse area.

The authors of these everyday “acts of creation” are qualified craftsmen: carpenters, painters, graphic designers. Thanks to their manual skills and the use of modern equipment, they can meet the challenges that came to… the designers in their dreams.


The electrical and multimedia/AV department, true wizards in their field.

They play with electricity. They distinguish between voltage and amperage. They know the difference between single-phase and three-phase power.

Their support is essential when arranging power for the booth or devising lighting plans. They are also well-versed in cutting-edge multimedia solutions. In essence, wizards.


Project Managers oversee the project implementation process

They value adrenaline and strong impressions, and their activity and coordination skills work perfectly during booth assembly.

Together with experienced and battle-tested assembly teams, they can build a booth spanning hundreds of meters in just a few days. Their commitment and task-oriented approach to work mean they won’t rest until they consider the mission with the codename “full customer satisfaction” complete.


Join our team

We work as one organism. It's not about who does "more and better," but mutual respect and a sense of humor are our "must-haves."

In the trade fair industry, people and relationships matter, so saying "we focus on long-term cooperation" is like saying nothing at all. We have team members who have been with us for over 25 years!


We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image