Our staff is a team of passionate people who know the industry inside out!

Pracujemy drużynowo

There is no word 'impossible' in our team. Instead, we say "stand"!

We work as a team because we play to one goal called: complete customer satisfaction.

Get to know our heroes, who produce indescribable realisations at trade fairs.

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A one hundred per cent female marketing department

Marketing, as the most sociable and 100 per cent female department at Melinski Minuth, sees a new enquiry as the perfect opportunity to meet or even have a short chat on the phone.

They ask a lot of questions, but completely non-threatening ones. On this basis, they direct the enquiry to the right person at the right time.


Designers, or contemporary cubists

When it comes to stand design, the marketing department passes the enquiry on to people who possess a rather unusual skill: they see the world… ‘lumpily’.

The designers in our team are modern cubists who are able to establish harmony between aesthetic vision and static calculations. They have also mastered to perfection the art of compromise between artistic creation and the client’s budget.


Skilled and creative craftsmen

The machinery park is not much to speak of. A very strict code applies here: only finely crafted and carefully finished pieces leave the warehouse.

The authors of these daily “acts of creation” are skilled craftsmen: carpenters, painters, graphic designers. Thanks to their manual skills and the use of modern equipment, they are able to meet the challenges that … designers dream of.


Electrical and multimedia/audiovisual departments - real magicians

They play with electricity. They distinguish between voltage and amperage. They know the difference between single-phase and three-phase power.

Their help is indispensable when it comes to the power supply at your stand or planning the lighting. Modern multimedia solutions also have nothing to hide. In a nutshell, magicians.


Project Managers oversee the project implementation process

They appreciate adrenaline and strong impressions, and their activity and coordination skills are perfect during stand assembly.

Together with experienced and seasoned assembly teams, they can erect a stand of several hundred metres in a matter of days. Their commitment and task-oriented approach to their work means that they will only rest when they consider their mission, code-named “complete customer satisfaction”, to be complete.


Join our team

We work as one organism. It doesn't matter who is "more and more", and mutual respect and a sense of humour are our "must have".

In the trade fair industry, people and relationships count, so to say "we rely on long-term cooperation" is like saying nothing at all. We have employees on our team who have worked with us for more than 25 years!


We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image

Let's create the next project together