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Designing exhibition stands, arranging spaces.

Revealing brand potential, strengthening their market position

Beyond crafting booths, our core is crafting unique experiences for event visitors foremost




Everything starts with a dialogue... We pay close attention to your needs and objectives to formulate an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and unique design in accordance with your marketing strategy. Familiar with technological advancements and international exhibition trends, we adeptly align them with your expectations, including those related to budget considerations. The product of our activities is an original concept that incorporates 3D visualizations of the stand, accompanied by proposed structural and material solutions. Taking advantage of a virtual walk around the stand, you can immerse yourself in the trade fair hall ambiance right from the initial preparation stage.


Crafting a custom booth, utilizing unconventional materials, and meeting the specific requirements of trade show and event organizers are, for us, proverbial 'piece of cake.
We have mastered to perfection the technical aspects of implementing a stand in any European exhibition location. We advise on the most attractive hall space, approve the design and order the necessary trade fair services. We carefully develop the technical documentation for each stand element. At this stage of the work, our teams work closely together to select the best solutions and confirm all arrangements. Every detail is thought through to the smallest detail to ensure timely and top quality implementation. The entire process is overseen by a dedicated project manager, who not only coordinates the workflow but also enlightens exhibitors about the intricacies of trade shows.


Booth in production – in a nutshell, we transform the project into reality! This is thanks to our experienced and dedicated team of specialists from various fields: carpenters, painters, graphic designers, electricians, warehouse professionals, and installers. In turn, our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to optimise costs, time and materials and directly control the quality of each component during its manufacture. Operating in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures means we can be sure that everything has been manufactured according to documentation. After verification and approval of the stand components, we arrange transportation in appropriately described crates and pallets. This strategy is essential to efficiently execute the turnkey trade fair booth.


Working alongside reliable suppliers, especially in the field of transportation services throughout Europe, we prioritize the just-in-time principle to execute all tasks in line with the predetermined schedule. When it comes to setting up a booth, time is of the essence. We must be able to quickly construct floors, walls, and suspensions, as well as install connections and multimedia solutions, all while ensuring that our graphics are visually appealing and effective. Our competent, close-knit and multi-tasking assembly team makes numerous efforts to ensure that the whole project presents itself perfectly to the customer's great satisfaction.


When it comes to dismantling our booth, we always keep the potential for reuse in mind. Our team is committed to minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency, which is why we prioritize the repurposing of materials whenever possible. We are passionate about eco-thinking, which is why we repurpose and modify existing displays, furniture, and structures to give them a new life in different spatial contexts.

Our exhibition programs are designed to fit your chosen booth concept. We use existing construction elements that we store, refresh, and reassemble at the next event to give them a new lease on life in different spatial contexts. In this way, we optimise the use of all resources and, above all, act in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with ISO 20121.



We provide comprehensive support. We bring even the most extraordinary ideas to life. Our trade projects incorporate unconventional elements, diverse construction materials, and the latest technology. We always deliver the highest quality

How do we do it? With over 30 years in operation, we've developed our own know-how, established a state-of-the-art production facility, and, most importantly, assembled a reliable team of experts. This is the key to your success!




Infused with a genuine passion for trade fairs, we approach each project with immense dedication, harnessing the diverse expertise and competencies of our team to craft a breathtaking WOW experience for trade show visitors. We prioritize cultivating relationships that directly contribute to the excellence of our delivered projects.

Continuously evolving in line with global trends, we aim to showcase new possibilities in trade marketing to our clients.




We have been working according to ISO 20121 since 2015! We are the first in Poland and few in Europe to be guided by the idea of Sustainable Event Management.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a phrase for us, and "ecothinking" guides us in our daily activities. One manifestation of this is our 'ecodesign' stands, which are the first stage in our 'circular' exhibition programme.



The creativity of the architectural concept made our exhibition stand out distinctively among other exhibitors, capturing the interest of the trade show attendees. I would like to, once again express our appreciation for the continuous readiness to assist the entire Meliński Minuth team and their exceptional intuition in understanding our needs and expectations.

Katarzyna Bartkiewicz, Group Marketing Manager, Raben

We extend heartfelt thanks for your participation in the preparations and execution of the activities during the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP in Katowice. We appreciate your contribution to the implementation of this (COP 24) globally unique project within a very short timeframe and under extremely demanding logistical, technical, and organizational conditions.

Przemysław Trawa, President, and Tomasz Kobierski, Vice President, of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Thank you for extending a helping hand to us in a situation where, just a few days before the trade fair, the contracted contractor unexpectedly refused to cooperate. We appreciate that despite the very short preparation time, you made every effort to ensure that our company's booth was not only set up but also presented as well as possible.

Remigiusz Tytuła, Spokesperson for the Board of Directors in Communication, Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe „BIEŻANÓW”

They are effective, punctual, and flexible, and these qualities are what we value most in our business deals.

Adam Szubert, CEO Asten Group

The prepared booth provided a beautiful backdrop for celebrating our 10th anniversary and engaging in conversations with both guests and clients.

Ireneusz Ciąglewicz: Managing Director Bystronic Polska

The quality, reliability, and timeliness are the words that define the services provided by Meliński Minuth. We are pleased to recommend them as a contractor for trade fair booths.

Krzysztof Kluj, President of the Board / Managing Director Scheidt & Bachmann Polska

Your designers are always well-versed in the latest trends, which only reinforces our confidence that you are a trustworthy company. We appreciate your openness to our suggestions, your great kindness, and your professional approach to the customer.

Franciszek Bednarski, CEO Wytwórnia Podkładów Strunobetonowych

The professional arrangement and execution of the stage project met our expectations. We are a leader, and leaders collaborate with the best.

Elżbieta Kaszyńska, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Amica

We know what is and will continue to be key in shaping an impactful trade fair image

Let's embark on next project together.