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Description of the project

Award-winning designs – Profim brand at Orgatec Cologne

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you must not be afraid to take risks. It is the original and unusual designs that are most appreciated. The elements you should look at include: stand design, arrangement of the exhibition space, innovative idea and attention to the smallest detail. The ideal complement to the exhibition space are plants and effectively chosen colors. The combination of these elements guarantees brick success. If you are interested in combining modern design with functionality, we encourage you to read on. This entry will reveal the secrets of the result of Meliński Minuth’s collaboration with renowned partners – Design Studio Rygalik and Profim at Orgatec 2018 in Cologne. The stand was awarded “Exposition of the Year” in the category of foreign trade fair expositions of more than 50 m².

About the exhibitor

Profim started its business in 1991 as a furniture importer, only to develop independent production three years later. For years it has been creating products that meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quality and design. It has nearly 100 collections and continuously invests in design and implementation. The technical solutions proposed by the company, are made in beautiful forms and, most importantly, are useful. Profim’s mission is the health dimension of the seats they create, the well-being and comfort of the people using them.

About the trade fair

Orgatec in Cologne, which lasts five days, features more than 600 exhibitors from more than 30 countries, from all relevant areas related to the culture, processes and working environments that contribute to a company’s success. Orgatec is the world’s leading trade fair for office equipment and real estate, providing visitors with an overview of the global market for equipment, lighting, flooring, acoustics and media technology in the office and contract sector. The programme of events and congresses that take place during Orgatec focuses on trends and events, holistic interior design and workplace appeal.


The design was inspired by the colors of nature, including flowers, animals, vegetables, the world around us, natural phenomena and even dance movements.

Booth zones

The stand is divided into zones and colour bands, visible from the top and side projection. These zones are separated by designer curtains, steel profiles, so-called ‘metal ribs’ maintained in the colour of each sector, and Valchromat panels, coloured in the mass, which imitate screens and create the intimate character of each zone. An interesting feature is the division of the stand into zones and a kind of ‘colour’ chessboard topped by a suspension with the company’s distinctive logo in black, which integrates these ferias and the colour palette.

Decorative lamps in the colour of each zone were used in the stand.

Blue zone

Soft, soothing and calming, blue is a calming, reassuring and comfortable option – so it is a must for commercial spaces.

Red zone

Sensual, eccentric and deep red is dedicated to those who prefer more decisive solutions. It is the most energetic color, which leaves no one indifferent.

Violet zone

Profim’s range also includes the intriguing purple, which was chosen as the color of 2018 by Pantone experts. Purple is a shade that can be used both in commercial spaces and in the designer design of home spaces.

Yellow zone

The yellow furnishings brought warmth, coziness and homeliness to the stand. It is a color that brightens up interiors, but also makes them more welcoming and open.

Black zone

The refined, sophisticated furniture in deep black adds a touch of chic and elegance to the stand. Black is a kind of color evergreen, which in a beautiful arrangement with aesthetic floral accessories complemented the entire stand.

The suspension, which unifies all the color zones, was made from a grid placed on the crosshead. The logo on the suspension was cut on a CNC machine from PVC board.

Customer product display

The iconic Seven hanger designed by Tomek Rygalik fits into the aesthetics of modern spaces and offers the possibility of personalization. The simple but eye-catching design of the hanger comes in both metal and wooden versions and in a wide range of colors. The Ellie chair collection, on the other hand, bridges the gap between the classic office chair and the home armchair to set a casual mood. The form is reminiscent of a tulip flower.

The Chic and Chic Air family of seating sofas was presented at the stand. The compact Chic Air chairs and benches are unconventional, delicate and perfect for meeting areas.

In addition to the premiere collections, the stand also featured Profim’s classic office proposals. One of them was the Violle armchair with an exceptionally elegant and well-thought-out form. It was created with the most demanding design connoisseurs in mind.

Noteworthy is the minimalist, elegant presentation of the client’s furniture, in various versions and color shades.

Visual identification

The Profim company logo, which towers over the counter, is made in the form of a modern and very fashionable neon light. This element caught the eye of visitors.

Awards and distinctions

During Orgatec, the Profim brand was among the 5 companies nominated for the Frame Awards for the best use of color. The nomination is awarded by the Koelnmesse trade fair organiser. The company was also recognized by the Archiproducts portal by being awarded the Design Selection title. The stand was also awarded 3rd place in the StandOUT Orgatec 2018 online plebiscite. First place in the Exposition of the Year competition in the category of foreign trade fair stand of more than 50 m². Competition organized by the PIPT

Promotional materials

Promotional materials relating to the stand’s main slogan “find your colour”:

  • Eco bags
  • Elegant notepads
  • Chocolate pralines
  • Pendrives
  • Pencil sets
  • Postcards
  • “Book of colour”

Pawel Bownik is a visual artist, photographer and lecturer. His book, Disassembly, won the top prize in the 2014 Photographic Publication of the Year competition, and his work is in the collections of the Museum In Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, among others. In 2014, he was nominated for the Paszporty Polityki (The Cultural Award). 

Bownik is also the author of Book of Colour, an exclusive album that Profim has given to its Premium Customers. Book of Colour is a unique material, using essays by Paweł Bownik to show the role of colour in painting, photography, cinematography and other fields of art. The inspiring texts, are accompanied by photographs by leading Polish photographers: Paweł Bownik, Ernest Wińczyk and Igor Omulecki. The whole is complemented by monochromatic visuals showing the most important collections of the Profim brand in a completely refreshed version.

There was something for everyone at this stand. From the modern, eye-catching design, enriched with interesting textures and fabrics, to the consistent floral accents, which became an integrating element of the whole stand.

The stand is not only design-led, but also utilitarian, as the individual display areas can also function as meeting rooms for less obliging meetings.

A hospitality atmosphere was introduced at the stand, which is a result of the growing trend in interior and product design for the blending of the domestic and public spheres, which is emphasized by the color scheme and the carefully selected scenery elements and accessories.

We encourage you to watch a presentation video, which will show how great the stand looked at the Orgatec fair. See for yourself the final effect of the trilateral cooperation between Tomek Rygalik, designer, Profim, exhibitor and Meliński Minuth, stand contractor. In addition, stand designer Tomek Rygalik will talk about his inspirations that accompanied him at the design stage. This is a great treat for those looking for inspiration for their future trade fair appearances.

We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image