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Not only do we create stands for our clients, but we also represent our offer ourselves at trade fair events. In each realization we try to find something unique, something that will attract the attention of customers and potential business partners. For our original idea and unconventional approach to the realization of the stand, we became a finalist in Exhibitor Magazine's competition at Euroshop 2017 in Düsseldorf. The trade fair stand created the "wow" effect that every exhibitor expects. Our designers are not limited by the stand's size. They are able to create something unique even in small spaces. Functionality and efficient use of space are essential. Hence, the stand was also awarded in the 2017 Exposition of the Year competition within the category of foreign exhibitions up to 50 m². In addition, the realization was based on the principles of sustainability using ecological materials. We invite you to read a short entry that describes how we achieved this success.

About us

Meliński Minuth is a team of creative people who are passionate about trade fairs. Together we work for the success of our customers by offering them comprehensive services for their trade fair appearances. We are perfectly aware of how important and engaging the participation in trade fairs is for a company. We therefore strive for perfection in the individual design and construction of trade fair stands, knowing that three things count on the final day of assembly:


on-time delivery of the stand,


About the trade fair

Euroshop, the International Trade Fair for Store Equipment, Sales and Advertising, takes place every four years. It is extremely prestigious. In Düsseldorf you can meet world leaders focused on the broadly understood event industry. Participants in the event are divided into 7 categories: POP marketing, Marketing Expo & Event, Retail Technology, Lighting, Visual Merchandising, Shop Fitting & Store design, Management Food Tech & Energy.

EuroShop is not only a place to meet and establish business relations, but also a place where exhibition trends are created. But also a place where exhibition trends for the coming years are created. Four years of preparation between editions result in unconventional and innovative stand designs. Each of them tells a separate story, and their designers outdo each other in ideas on how to catch the customer’s attention.

Stand profile

The stand of the Meliński Minuth company is minimalist and ascetic in its form. It was created according to the principle, less is more, and strength lies in simplicity. The design is innovative, has a unique look and industrial character. Its high walls and soaring structure give it a monumental appearance, while at the same time not overwhelming the potential customer, but on the contrary, inviting them in. The key element is the material of construction. It is plywood in the color of natural wood. The roughness of the material allows for an ascetic character and fits in with current trends.

The strength lies in simplicity, and the devil in the details. The designer therefore relied on a few eye-catching elements that give character to the whole and make it impossible to pass by the Meliński Minuth stand indifferently. A strong accent is provided by chairs in the company’s corporate color, which contrast with the calm and subdued color scheme of the entire space. Cactuses placed in glass vessels also catch the eye. An interesting element is also the ecological string, which, when appropriately fixed, has created a ‘timeline’. A calendar, marking milestones in the company’s history, from its founding in 1993 to current events, was displayed on the main wall inside the stand. The timeline highlights the company’s extensive experience and accentuates the important event of its upcoming 25th anniversary. An eye-catching element is also the illuminated logo. Placing it at a height of 5 metres ensured that we were clearly visible even from the far corner of the exhibition hall. Another interesting idea is to hide the coffee machine in the wall. This is also an extremely practical solution – the coffee machine is outside the stand and not in the back, which enables us to prepare the coffee without losing eye contact with the customer. However, once the drink has been prepared, we can hide it in the wall so that the not always aesthetically pleasing appliance does not disturb the perfect image of the stand.

The whole stand is united by the heart motif, which is Meliński Minuth’s trademark, visible on marketing materials and also accompanies our slogan ‘We love exhibitions’. The heart, albeit discreetly, is marked both outside and inside the stand. At first glance it may not even be visible, but that was the intention. We say to our client: stop and you will see more. The heart is linear, matching in style both the timeline and the metal bars that form the chair legs.

The design and unconventional idea for the arrangement of the Meliński Minuth company’s stand was recognized by Exhibitors Magazine’s Euroshop Awards. The project was among the finalists of the prestigious Exhibitors Magazine’s Euroshop Awards competition.


When designing stands, it is not only the needs of the client that are our priority. In accordance with ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management standards, we also attach importance to caring for the environment. After the EuroShop trade fair, all the elements that we managed to preserve were reused. The table and the counter, which had been specially prepared for the event, were given a second life in subsequent projects.

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Zwracamy uwagę na efektywne gospodarowanie materiałami oraz promowanie ekologicznych rozwiązań

Wiele elementów z naszych realizacji przetwarzamy, odnawiamy i ponownie wykorzystujemy, działając zgodnie z ideą ECOthinking, a wdrożona przez nas norma ISO 20121 jest tego formalnym potwierdzeniem.


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