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Meliński Minuth is a pioneer in arranging a display space to proudly represent a client's brand. The designers' out-of-the-box thinking meets the exhibitor's original vision. The trade fair stand is the end product of this fruitful collaboration. Presenting your brand at a trade fair is one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows you to showcase your potential, which translates into finding a new customer base. Once the trade show is over, it is important to advertise your stand on social media and show off the end product of an exceptional stand. In this blog post, we expose the reasons behind the success of the Sharp brand at IFA Berlin 2017. The stand was awarded 'Exposition of the Year' within the over 50 m² category.

About the exhibitor

UMC Poland was founded in 2006 as Sharp Manufacturing Poland. From the very beginning, UMC’s trademark has been state-of-the-art production and the factory meets the highest global standards. The UMC Poland plant, which is located on the outskirts of Toruń, is part of a company that assembles, sells and provides after-sales service for TVs in Europe. It employs more than 1,000 professionals not only in Poland, but also in Slovakia, China and Western Europe.

Sharp has been developing unique products and solutions that benefit society and businesses for more than a century. The brand’s motto has remained unchanged since its inception: we strive for excellence. The brand’s history began with the invention of the “Ever-Sharp” automatic pencil, which gave the company its name. Since then, they have regularly developed innovative products. Among other things, Sharp launched Japan’s first television and radio sets, as well as the world’s first LCD calculators. And this was just the beginning. A century later, Sharp still boasts a leading position in its sector, and continues to develop innovations that are awarded in prestigious competitions. The Sharp brand also enjoys continued popularity and trust among consumers throughout the world.

About the trade fair

The IFA Consumer Electronics Fair is one of the largest and most important events at the intersection of business, science, commerce and production. The event was first held in 1924 under the name Berlin Radio Show. Every year, IFA is visited by crowds of multimedia equipment enthusiasts eager for new products from leading consumer electronics manufacturers. It is in Berlin that premiere products, cutting-edge technologies, innovations and trends can be admired. The trade fair is accompanied by an extensive programme of additional events, providing a broad and in-depth view of current trends and anticipated future developments in consumer electronics.


Given the number of elements and the complexity of the stand, it is important to emphasize the amount of work that went into the creation of the project. The design process took six months, was divided into stages and systematically refined together with the client. The project was subject to many modifications, so that the final version fully satisfied the client. In the end, together with the client, a design was developed that was both beautiful and drew the attention of visitors, but was also functional and comfortable.

The stand acted as a new technology park that visitors could explore for hours. It was full of nooks and crannies and saturated with the latest technology – both in terms of multimedia and trade fair buildings. Due to the large stand area, the technology park and themed product groups were marked and positioned in such a way as to provide the right direction for the visitor.

The illuminated lines on the walls, created a kind of network and integrated the different parts of the stand. Linear decorations were a recurring motif throughout the stand. Visible on the walls, ceiling and floor, they gave a coherent character to the entire space.

Stand division

B2B closed zone. The zone comprises:

Reception counter – was located at the entrance to the closed zone. It was the place where you could get the most important information and also sign up for an appointment.

VIP room – in specially arranged meeting and conversation rooms, clients are provided with the privacy necessary for business talks. Each room has been arranged in a unique and personalised style. The nine conversation rooms created at the stand reflect the momentum and global activity of the brand, as well as the European and world capitals of London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Tokyo, Bratislava, Warsaw and Amsterdam. Personalising the rooms, makes each one unique and surprising for the client. It also makes the stand multidimensional.

Relaxation zone – the closed area provided a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the fair for a while. On comfortable sofas, you could wait for an appointment and catch your breath while enjoying a coffee.

The showroom – an enclosed room where invited guests could get acquainted with the Sharp product range. The subdued lighting created a relaxed and calming atmosphere. The lighting directly aimed at the products highlighted their qualities.

Catering area – in order to ensure that its customers were fully comfortable, UMC also took care of their stomachs. Two kitchens prepared the dishes and snacks served in the restaurant zone. A bar area was also prepared for customers.

Public open zone. The zone includes:

Exhibition zone – formed the centre of the stand. It was divided into thematic sections: TV LINEUP, Kitchens, Audio, Smartphone, Concepts, Robots. Thanks to hanging lightboxes in the shape of squares, these zones were very easily visible to Visitors. At the centre of the exhibition zone were novelties that focused the eyes of fans of new technologies. On the other hand, technology paths placed on the floor and ceiling of the stand marked out the further direction of the tour and led customers to the subsequent product groups.

Audioroom – the place where music lovers felt most comfortable. An enclosed space where the listener could focus on the pure sounds achieved by top-quality equipment. Headphones for visitors were placed on wooden displays in the shape of heads.

A stage for robots – an extraordinary display of their synchronised dance was presented. Also noteworthy were the displays, which presented this client’s product in enlarged form. At the same time, thanks to the use of different-coloured LED lights, the robots were clearly marked and visible from a distance.

Central stage – the venue for visitors’ events. On the first day of the fair, it was here that the media representatives were introduced to technological innovations.

Stand elements

“Spider” located under the ceiling of the hall was the spatial form of the technological pathways that led to the subsequent product zones. The direction of the tour was guided by the programmable LED Blade lighting. The multicolored light flashed and flowed from the centre of the stand to the subsequent exhibition zones. The suspended spatial form was an eye-catching element for the customer, even from the far corners of the hall.

UMC’s stand was made of the highest quality materials. They were combined not only to reflect the latest trends, but also to form a coherent whole. The concrete imitation panels blended in perfectly with the modern stand interior. They also formed an ideal background for the client’s products.

Plants were an important decorative element of the stand. They warmed the room and created a favorable atmosphere for business talks. The most distinctive and eye-catching was the moss wall.

The undoubted success of the Sharp brand at IFA was due to the numerous press releases from journalists all over the world. The Internet was literally flooded with news from the stand, especially about the group’s product launches. We are delighted that our work helped a global brand to succeed at the fair.

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