Review of awarded projects - BLUM brand at Warsaw Home

We are pleased to present stands which have contributed to the success of our clients with their non-standard design solutions. Attractively arranged exhibition space, appropriately selected construction materials, out-of-the-box ideas, attention to the smallest detail are the factors that make the stands attract visitors. This undoubtedly contributes to the return on investment for trade fair events.

If you want to see how the most recognizable brands do it, then you should definitely read our post. We reveal what contributed to BLUM Polska's success at Warsaw Home 2019. It is worth mentioning that the stand took 1st place in the category: Domestic trade fair exhibitions over 50 m² in the Exposition of the Year competition.

About the exhibitor 

Blum is a family-owned, international company with its headquarters in Austria. The company is a manufacturer of high-quality furniture fittings: innovative hinge systems, drawer systems and lift-ups for top fronts. These products have been appreciated by customers for many years.

The founder is Julius Blum, who created the company more than 60 years ago. The manufactured products are designed to guarantee functionality and durability in everyday use. Their quality remains consistent throughout their entire service life, which is why Blum provides a Lifetime Guarantee on its products. The comprehensive approach to quality applies not only to the products themselves. The company would also like to meet the same quality requirements when it comes to service or in its dealings with partners and customers.

About the fair

Warsaw Home – a four-day International Interior Design Fair, attracting enthusiasts of good design. For four days you can meet exhibiting distributors from the furniture and decoration industry from both Poland and abroad. The event has a business character, while it is also an excellent opportunity for interior enthusiasts to get inspired. Warsaw Home consists of several sections, such as SELECTED DESIGN, SELECTED FURNITURE, DECO & POLAND DESIGN FESTIVAL, KITCHEN & DINING, INTERIOR FINISH & WARSAW BUILT.


The inspiration for the stand was a reference to the construction of the house. By achieving this form, our client’s products blended perfectly into the designed space. Visitors to the fair could easily try out the company’s modern solutions and feel the homely atmosphere.

Materials applied

The upper part of the stand was formed by a frieze. Panels with slogans referring to the company’s ideas were placed on it. Thanks to their slanted arrangement, they created a spatial form. The platform adds to the prestige of the stand, and the carpeting there makes one feel at home.

Moving around the trade fair, the company’s eye-catching illuminated logo could be seen from afar. It was placed in the form of a coffer, on two sides of the frieze.

An eye-catcher at the stand was the kitchen. This place is full of interesting solutions and possibilities. It also refers to global trends. The materials used in it are of high quality, and by using a different shade of lining, it becomes a separate area.

The large-format graphics blended perfectly into the kitchen area and further added to the spaciousness of the entire interior.

Stand areas

The conversation zone has been arranged, at the back of the stand. A shelving unit in front of it, with green accents, gives a gentle camouflage to the area. Thanks to this treatment, comfort during business talks has been increased. The entrance to the back room was covered with a specially selected fabric, which further added to the homely feel.

The kitchen area in every home is the heart and focal point. This is where we begin our journey through a space filled with modernity and innovative solutions, which become the ideal ground for starting a conversation. Also noteworthy is the ceiling, which not only allowed for lighting in a separate area, but also became a reference to the body of the house. Another interesting idea was the display of hinges, which were presented in glazed dishes on the kitchen counter.

The AGE EXPLORER zone is a mannequin, dressed in a special suit, which simulates the ageing process. Using this method, the user can see what difficulties older people face and how Blum products can make everyday life easier for them.

Another interesting point was the modular storage system. It housed products from different domestic rooms, which alluded to the versatility of the product. The SPACE TOWER zone was eagerly tested by trade fair visitors.

The accessories played a big role. By furnishing the exhibition with everyday products, visitors could easily find their way around and easily visualize their own homely space.

In the zone – the Architect’s Triangle, the company’s system demonstrations were presented. A place was created where the combination of design and functionality can be observed. This corner inspires through the use of a variety of materials.

In the Kitchen Test Drive area, mobile kitchen cabinets and a demonstration mock-up were placed. In this way, visitors can test the comfort and functionality of their future kitchen before making a purchase.

The “Head with ideas” zone contained two drawers with cards full of inspiration for architects and carpenters using BLUM systems. The entire area was illuminated and formed a LIGHTBOX.

The detail matters

It is worth emphasising that the company not only produces aesthetically pleasing and functional items, but also takes care of their presentation. BLUM products were labelled with minimalist and ecological labels.

BLUM material samples were presented in an elegant and unconventional way. They were integrated into the surroundings in such a way that they were both easily accessible but also related in style to the other elements on the stand.

Going green

At Blum, everyone is convinced that going green also brings economic benefits in the long term. The sustainability of products is only one of many important aspects. Further important elements are the use of environmentally friendly processes, the clever use of materials and sensible energy management. Good workflow, optimum use of floor space and a high level of comfort are important features of a functional kitchen. The company’s planning ideas help to organize the interior of the furniture so that it is functional, comfortable and ergonomic.

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