Award-winning projects – Ekoenergetyka at the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo

We invite you to discover the story of our award-winning booth created for Ekoenergetyka at the NORDIC EV SUMMIT in Oslo! If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to boldly embrace unique and innovative solutions. Our booth is a perfect example of combining modern design with functionality, which resulted in the Exhibition of the Year 2023 award. Explore how unique elements, carefully selected details, and innovative approach to space arrangement contributed to the success of our project. If you're looking for inspiration to create an unforgettable trade show booth, this article is for you!

About the exhibitor

Ekoenergetyka is a company driven by a passion for creating innovative solutions and a determination to achieve zero-emission public transport. They specialize in designing and manufacturing high-power charging stations, suitable for the electric vehicle manufacturers, network operators, and charging points for cars, vans, buses, and trucks. For over a decade, Ekoenergetyka-Polska has been turning their vision into reality, strongly holding the position of the pioneer and leader of electromobility industry. They continuously innovate and set the direction for development, motivated by their commitment to spreading the electromobility revolution.

With a presence in over 30 markets, including Germany, France, Poland, Norway, and Sweden, they are expanding their technical and intellectual potential worldwide.

About the fairs

The NORDIC EV SUMMIT is the largest conference in Northern Europe dedicated to electric mobility. As one of the key international networking venues for electromobility professionals in Europe and around the world, this conference serves as a platform where industry leaders share knowledge, exchange insights, and influence the future of transportation. Lasting for two days, the conference includes plenary sessions, inspiring speeches, product launches, and exhibitions of cutting-edge technologies. In 2023, it attracted over 1300 delegates from 40 countries, supported by more than 80 sponsors and exhibitors, as well as 50 distinguished speakers.


Our project was inspired by LED lighting, modern technologies, elegant  turquoise colour and pure white. This combination makes our exhibition captivating not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of innovation.


The main theme, consisting of louvers and LED lighting, not only subtly emphasized the modernity of the booth but also symbolized the flowing energy. It was not just a decorative element but a manifestation of our commitment to creating innovative solutions.

Methods of Promotion

Creating this compact booth, we used various techniques to effectively attract the visitor’s attention and represent the company, such as :

  • suspended mesh with the company’s logo,
  • prints on foil with the client’s products
  • custom-made demo stands
  • prints on foil featuring the company’s logos,
  • neon company logo on plexiglass.

All prints were precisely executed in our graphic design studio.

The exhibition not only showcases products but also serves as a visual declaration of the company’s commitment to shaping the future through innovation.

Materials Used

Despite the compact size of the booth, all necessary elements were successfully incorporated, effectively supporting the presentation and promotion of the company while creating an atmosphere of professionalism. The booth featured elements such as:

  • illuminated louvers,
  • lacquered freestanding counter,
  • dynamic RGB lighting,
  • neon logo on plexiglass,
  • truss with lighting,
  • concrete-like panel,
  • LED lighting,
  • Prints on foil with graphics

All components harmonized with each other, creating an ideal environment for conducting business meetings, while the materials used captured the attention of potential clients.

Dynamic and Simplicity

Minimalistic design and dynamic presentations were essential elements of the booth that caught the attention of numerous visitors. The combination of simple forms with dynamism made the exhibition eye-catching not only on the esthetical level but also engaging the interest of the audience.

Booth Visibility

The suspended logo made of mesh and aluminum profile, placed on the traverse, caught the attention of visitors from afar. The precise cutting of the logo using a CNC machine from PVC board gave it an exceptionally professional look. Additionally, the LED lighting added a unique glow to the booth, attracting the audience to take a closer look and explore our client’s offerings.

The Start of the Trade Fair Program

Our goal was to create a booth that would kick off the trade fair program. The booth elements were reused multiple times for other trade show projects, aligning with the spirit of sustainable material utilization.

It’s worth mentioning, that despite its unique construction, the booth was set up in just 1.5 days.

Booths as part of the 2023 trade fair program:

Products showcased by the client during the trade show program

Throughout the collaborative trade fair program, the client had significant opportunities to showcase their product range. Many of the products presented by the client had their global premieres. Ekoenergetyka showcased, among others:

Awards and Recognitions

The design of the booth has been recognised and rewarded with the first place in the prestigious Exhibition of the Year 2023 competition in the category of foreign trade booths up to 30 m². The competition was organized by the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.

The booth’s objective was achieved 100%! It garnered immense interest from visitors, and its modern design perfectly emphasized the innovation of the client’s products. Additionally, our joint efforts were recognized with a prestigious award.

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