Each company, including ours, can be compared to a human organism or an efficient machine.
The heart of Meliński Minuth is modern production facility. It includes: a professional carpentry workshop, a top-quality paint shop, a graphics studio preparing materials that will meet the needs of the most demanding customers, as well as the electric and multimedia departments, which will help to highlight the beauty of the stand.
However, the heart is not the only organ needed to live. For efficient operation, we also need a creative design department, empathetic marketing, meticulous accounting and friendly administration.
The uniqueness of our “machine” are fascinating People, who are the soul of it. Our unique team, with a passion for the trade fair, works to be a part of your market success.


The professionalism of Meliński Minuth is confirmed by years of experience. 

The owners and foun­ders of the com­pa­ny are Teresa and Andrzej Meliński, who are still acti­ve­ly invo­lved in the life of the com­pa­ny. They not only mana­ge the team, but also sup­port the employ­ees with the­ir advi­ce and experience.
The com­pa­ny was foun­ded in 1993, ini­tial­ly cre­ating a joint-venture with the German com­pa­ny Minuth, with over one hun­dred year of tradition.
Cooperation on the Polish-German Meliński-Minuth line is the ori­gin of the company’s name, and long-term coope­ra­tion has allo­wed us to gain know­led­ge abo­ut the most-developed exhi­bi­tion mar­ket in Europe and apply that know­led­ge to prac­ti­cal ope­ra­tions in Poland.