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ISH Frankfurt


Meliński Minuth


Description of the project

We had the pleasure of designing and executing a spacious 510-square-meter booth for IMI Hydronic Engineering at the ISH Frankfurt trade fair. This booth, a perfect example of a modern approach to exhibiting, attracted attention with its interactivity and innovative design.

Interactive Experience

The booth was designed with the aim of maximizing visitor engagement. Numerous multimedia elements were used to allow visitors to learn about IMI Hydronic Engineering in various ways:

  • Individual display stands with multimedia presentations – visitors could easily and accessibly familiarize themselves with the company’s offerings through interactive presentations available on numerous screens scattered throughout the booth.
  • Tablet display stands – provided access to essential information about the client’s products, allowing for a detailed understanding of their functions and benefits.
  • Relaxation areas – the booth was equipped with special zones that, thanks to soothing details and a friendly atmosphere, offered visitors a moment of relaxation during the intense trade fair.

Unique Visual Identity

One of the most distinctive elements of the booth was the omnipresent geckos, which directly referred to the visual identity of the IMI Hydronic Engineering brand:

  • Graphics on the walls and floor – geckos in the form of graphics were strategically placed, attracting attention and adding character to the entire exhibition space.
  • Company mascots – geckos were also present inside tables in the form of mascots, adding uniqueness to the booth and attracting the attention of both adults and children.
  • Specially designed terrarium – this unique element of the display not only visually enriched the booth but also highlighted the brand’s commitment to creating a friendly and interesting environment for its customers.
Trade fair programme

We pay attention to the efficient use of materials and promote ecological solutions

We process, renew, and reuse many elements from our projects, aligning with the ECOthinking concept, and the ISO 20121 standard we implemented formally confirms this.


We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image