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Description of the project

The stand for the KACZKAN company at the Warsaw Home fair in Nadarzyn covered an area of 120 square meters. It was designed to primarily highlight the beauty of the client’s products.

The company focuses on modern design and sets trends in the wooden flooring industry, and this was reflected in the exhibition space. The inspiration for the project came from a love for wood and the combination of textures.

The KACZKAN trade fair stand was divided into zones.

A noteworthy exhibition zone featured black wooden construction cubes. The smaller cube served as a sample room with the client’s flooring complemented by matching accessories – furniture, plants, and textiles.

The information zone was located along the main communication route, featuring an info counter and stands with catalogs. Here, visitors could meet KACZKAN’s special guest, Rozalia Mancewicz – a Polish model, Miss Polonia 2010, and Miss Poland Teen 2004.

The exhibition and client conversation zones blended seamlessly. The semi-open VIP room and the more accessible area within the larger cube were surrounded by the client’s products, allowing reference to the product range during business discussions. Additional exhibition zones were also designated, with the intent of being highly accessible to visitors. Therefore, the display units were placed on three sides of the stand, wherever communication routes were present.

Simplicity and elegance were the key words for this project. The dark colors gave the structure a unique character. The stand reflected current design trends – a Scandinavian, slightly raw style, made warm and cozy by natural wood. The simple construction created a modern character for the stand, while not overwhelming visitors and focusing their attention on the displayed products.

The suspended cubes above the stand were aluminum structures covered with fabric. These elements not only decorated the stand but also ensured visibility in the trade hall.

The product presentation was particularly noteworthy, impressing with its variety while maintaining a cohesive whole. Wood was showcased on reusable display units as well as in the unique form of boards, creating a kind of sculpture on the stand’s wall. The boards also filled the walls of the larger cube, creating a beautiful openwork composition. Using the client’s wood to finish the stand’s floor also allowed the product to be displayed in its almost everyday role. The large area allowed the beauty of the product to be highlighted.

Large-format graphics caught the visitors’ eyes. Outside the stand were photos of model Rozalia Mancewicz. Meanwhile, in the VIP room, the wall was decorated with a collage of photos of KACZKAN’s impressive new headquarters.

Attention to detail was paramount. Decorative and finishing elements played a significant role in the stand’s arrangement. Furniture and accessories in a loft style, such as metal pots and openwork lamps, were chosen to match the space’s styling. Plants were also given considerable attention, with large flowers in pots and a “forest in glass,” alluding to the product’s natural origin.

Care for the natural environment and sustainable management are values that unite KACZKAN and Meliński Minuth.

The wood used to produce the boards is sourced from verified and responsibly managed sources, mainly from Warmia and Masuria. It is harvested according to the principles of conscious resource management, and all Kaczkan products are FSC certified and fully documented in compliance with EU requirements.

Every stage of KACZKAN’s production takes place in Europe and is overseen by an expert. This differentiates the brand from other companies that produce flooring on a mass scale. Innovative technologies ensure high precision, production optimization, cost reduction, and environmental protection, as confirmed by seven PN-EN certificates regarding production quality, the CE (Conformité Européenne) certificate, ensuring compliance with EU safety and quality requirements, the DIBt certificate, indicating product quality and high standards for the environment and people in the construction industry, and the FSC certificate, awarded for adherence to forestry management principles.

Meliński Minuth also promotes eco-friendly actions. When designing stands, we prioritize not only the client’s needs but also environmental care, in line with ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management standards. We strive to reuse the stand elements whenever possible. The best example is the stand from the Warsaw Home fair.

The product boards prepared by the client were finished with a black wooden frame and are reused during fairs and industry events. The counter and leaflet stands were also reused, both finished with wood from the client’s resources.

The KACZKAN trade fair stand at the Warsaw Home fair attracted attention and admiration from visitors. The confirmation of its recognition is the frequent use of photos on various design and trade fair-related websites and portals.

We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image