We like to feel appreciated and we are not ashamed of it. Each award is a confirmation of the rightness of our actions and motivation for further work. We would not have received any of these awards if it had not been for our clients. In fact, the most valuable reward for us is the one that we can enjoy together.

Prizes and awards 

Stands desi­gned and cra­fted by our team have repe­ate­dly won pri­zes in the Stand or Exposition of the Year competitions.

The most valu­able distinc­tions for us include:

  • medals in the Exposition of the Year com­pe­ti­tion (for­mer­ly the Stand of the Year)
  • Acanthus Aures statuettes
  • MTP medals

We have also rece­ived pre­sti­gio­us titles of the Poznań Leader of Entrepreneurship, the Trade Fair Leader and Forbes Diamonds.

Our achievements