Award-winning projects – KZN Bieżanów at the Trako in Gdańsk

Feel invited to explore the details of the project that took 2nd place in the Exhibition of the Year 2023 competition! This exceptional project not only captures attention with its elegance but also creates excellent conditions for productive business discussions. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the booth offers a multitude of dedicated meeting areas, ensuring comfort and privacy while also fostering effective business relationship building. The materials used, elegant details, and modern interior arrangements create an atmosphere of comfort and prestige. It's not just a booth; it's a place inspiring creative meetings and substantive discussions. You can read more about the details of this achievement in this article!

Leader in railway surfaces

Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe “Bieżanów” (KZN Bieżanów) stand out as a leading Polish manufacturer of railway surfaces applied in railway networks, industrial facilities, municipal communication systems (trams and metros) and within other specialized types.

The company’s long-standing presence and continuous development in this market segment have resulted in deeply rooted know-how, carried by experienced staff and the procedures and technologies developed and constantly modernized by them.  KZN Bieżanów stands on four stable pillars: quality, safety, innovation, and comprehensive offerings.

The railway transport celebration  

TRAKO is the largest railway transport trade fair in Poland and the second largest in Europe. Over four intensive days, guests from 54 countries immersed themselves in the fascinating world of rail transport, creating a unique atmosphere of dynamic exchange of experiences and building key business relationships. This event is not only a business platform but also a prestigious celebration for everyone involved in railway transport. TRAKO stands out not only for its scale, but also for its attention to detail, providing participants with an unforgettable experience and access to the latest industry trends.

Project objectives

A key aspect of the booth was the strategic placement of meeting zones to enable comfortable conducting of  business discussions, allowing for the flexibility to adapt the meeting space to suit the importance of the conversation. Another significant element of the project was the incorporation of live greenery, which emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable development. We paid particular attention to harmoniously combining greenery with wood and client’s colours, brightening all with white colour, creating a cohesive, unified look of the stand, what gained positive feedback from visitors.

Zone division (zone layout) 

Placing the booth on a raised platform created a sense of separation from the surrounding exhibition hall. This elevated area effectively set the stand apart, creating a subtle, private atmosphere that effectively separated it from the surrounding trade fair hustle and bustle. The variety of dedicated meeting zones facilitated effective business networking, enabling dynamic conversations with potential clients.

Meeting zone with bar area

The bar meeting area was meticulously designed with tasteful details that complemented the overall aesthetic of the stand. Equipped with modern bar stools, encouraged casual conversations. The area was illuminated by warm lighting, creating a cozy and inviting space, where everyone could enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The atmospheric lighting and carefully selected decorative elements not only created a pleasant ambiance, but also encouraged moments of relaxation and open conversations, which led to the exchange of ideas and the development of valuable business connections.

VIP meeting zone

The VIP meeting area was designed specifically to facilitate dynamic conversations, where the free exchange of ideas and creative collaboration are crucial. Creating an atmosphere of openness while ensuring adequate privacy. An openwork structure of the louver wall provided not only comfortable space for discussions with clients but also allowed full control over the space of the stand.

Closed meeting room

The private meeting room provided a secluded and secure environment for confidential discussions and high-level business meetings. Potential clients were greeted within the dedicated space where the large-scale graphics, printed on a fabric, depicting the company’s main areas of activity, made a huge impression.

Expert booths

The specially designed expert booth provided a dedicated space for expert consultation where clients could seek the advise and support of knowledgeable experts. Additionally, all booth elements, from colours to textures and lighting, were carefully selected to provide an attractive environment for conversations.

Promotional techniques

Creating the booth, we employed various promotional techniques to capture attention, to showcase the client’s brand and generate leads.

Let’s examine the specific elements used at the stand:

  • Pylon with company logos display,
  • Promotional Brochures and Flyers,
  • Multimedia Display Screen,
  • Television,
  • Illuminated 3D Logo on Plexiglass,
  • Illuminated logo cut out of a MDF board,
  • Logo printed on foil,
  • Large-Format Fabric Print.

Informational pylon

The booth was located at the intersection of communication routes, posing a challenge to ensure an equally impressive presentation from each side. At the same time, it allowed visitors to freely examine the booth and learn more about the company’s offerings. Thanks to the strategic placement of the informational pylon and its prominent display of company’s logos and branding elements, no one could pass by the booth indifferently. Additionally, carefully displayed shelves for promotional materials, allowed for a deeper exploration of the company’s product offer.

Wood, panels, live greenery…

The use of a diverse range of materials, including wood, laminate panels and live plants, demonstrated not only creativity and versatility of our designer, but what it is the most significant it added a refined and a visually appealing appearance  to the booth. Moreover, the  trendy louvers separated the semi-open area from the open one, creating an atmosphere of intimacy.

We used :

  • Wooden louvers,
  • Laminated panels in the exhibitor’s colour palette,
  • Large-format print on fabric,
  • Decorative wall with louvers and illuminated logo,
  • Pot with Lush Greenery,
  • Bench with upholstered comfortable seat,
  • Gray carpet,
  • Graphics – print on fabric,
  • Wooden panels,
  • Platform,
  • Live plants.

Materials used – flooring

The use of a variety of flooring materials was visible on every step, including white and wooden panels, and plush carpeting, added visual dynamism and created distinct functional zones within the stand. The zoning was enhanced by introducing diagonal stripes on the flooring,  aligned with the company’s logo. This was not only an aesthetic solution but also a practical one, creating a cohesive booth composition.

Sustainable development

The incorporation of abundant greenery, including plants and vertical gardens, as well as using eco-friendly materials,  accentuated the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The comfortable bench surrounded by live greenery, created a tranquil oasis, inviting visitors to pause, relax and enjoy a moment of peace within the bustling trade show environment. 

Outdoor exhibition

The outdoor exhibition extended the company’s presence beyond the confines of the indoor exhibition hall, what enabled to showcase the company’s products in their intended environment, allowing visitors to experience them in a more realistic setting. This real-world demonstration enhanced product engagement and gave visitors a possibility to better understand the products’ capabilities and benefits.

Pop into the booth!

Travel back in time to experience the atmosphere of the Trako 2023 trade fair!   Please, take a look at the video presenting how impressing booth we created for Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe “Bieżanów”Feel the trade fair emotions and see how the exhibited booth elements caught the attention of crowds of visitors, with their unique design.

Awards and recognitions

The stand at TRAKO 2023 not only garnered the attention and engagement of visitors but also received well-deserved recognition for its exceptional design and execution. Securing second place in the prestigious Exhibition of the Year 2023 competition in the category of foreign trade fair stands over 100 m² organized by The Polish Chamber of Trade Fairs stands as a testimony to the company’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence in trade show presentations.

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