Award-winning projects – Raben Group at the Transport Logistic in Munich

Discover the story behind our award-winning booth prepared for Raben-Group at the Transport Logistic 2023 trade fair in Munich! The booth, covering an area of 195 square meters, featuring a 35-meter VIP meeting level, secured second place in the Exhibition of the Year 2023 competition. The precisely designed space, minimalist design, and numerous elements of live greenery reflecting our commitment to a sustainable approach to ecology are just some of the aspects that set our booth apart. Explore how we created the perfect environment for fruitful business meetings and substantive discussions, while also capturing the spirit of the Raben Group.

Raben Group: A legacy of excellence in logistics

Raben-Group is a family-owned company with over 90 years of experience. Operating in 15 countries, the company continues to evolve, contributing to the development of the entire industry. Raben offers transportation and logistics services. With a team of over 12,000 individuals, they share the same goals, dedication, and passion. This dedication translates into tailor-made solutions designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. The company is committed to sustainable supply chain practices, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility.

About the trade fair

Transport Logistic stands as the world’s leading logistics fair, convening every two years in Munich, Germany. Participating companies operate within the transportation and warehousing sectors. A part of the fair is dedicated to Air Cargo Europe, showcasing services in the global aviation market. Attending the trade fair allows for staying updated on the latest trends in the transportation industry and forging business relationships. Transport Logistic 2023 is a must-attend event for those striving for success, innovation, and networking in the logistics industry.

Inspirations: A fusion of innovation and sustainability

Our design was inspired by harmonious blend of architectural concrete, pristine white and vibrant greenery. This combination symbolizes not only innovation but also the company’s commitment to actions aligned with the principles of sustainable development. The interplay of white, grey, and verdant elements imbued the booth with a unique character, setting it apart from the crowd.

Zone division

The booth was meticulously designed to create a cohesive space while maintaining a minimalist design and ensuring functionality. With our guests in mind, we prepared diverse zones that provided both space for engaging discussions and moments of relaxation. The booth was divided into several areas, including open zones for longer conversations, spaces with high tables and stools, a dining area, and an exclusive privé lounge with comfortable sofas. In each zone, white louvers  were present, harmoniously integrating the whole and softening the booth’s composition. Additionally, we cleverly concealed the marketing and kitchen areas, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality of the entire space. This approach provided our guests with a unique experience during their business meetings.

VIP discussion zone

A dedicated VIP discussion zone was set up on the upper level, divided into two independent meeting rooms. It not only provided privacy but also elevated the status of the conducted business meetings. Thanks to the carefully designed interior, this zone created ideal conditions for confidential and crucial discussions.

Bar zone

In the culinary zone, not only regional delicacies were offered, but also fresh snacks and beverages, including aromatic coffee. Decorative details encouraged relaxation and the use of services provided by the baristas. At the heart of the booth was a long bar counter, which not only added a touch of character to the entire booth but also provided a comfortable workspace for the baristas and a welcoming spot for guests to gather and engage in conversation. Further enhancing the ambiance, soothing moss compositions were strategically placed behind the bar counter, creating a calming visual presence at eye level for guests enjoying their coffee break.

Corner information reception

In a strategic and highly visible location, at the intersection of communication pathways, we placed the corner information counter where our friendly staff was eager to assist visitors, to answer the questions, provide information, presenting the client’s offerings and encouraging interaction.

Privé lounge

Conversations, conversations, conversations… after all, they are an integral part of trade shows! Therefore, ensuring the comfort of visitors, we provided a special privé lounge area with comfortable sofas, separated by louvers, where substantive discussions could take place in a peaceful atmosphere.

HR counter: Investing in the future of workforce!

Participating in industry trade shows is a fantastic way not only to increase brand awareness but also reach potential employees! It’s why, in addition to presenting the current offerings of the company, the booth also featured a dedicated HR counter, made  from concrete-like panels, where a smiling team of HR professionals was ready to greet prospective future candidates. After all, a smile is the key to success!  The HR staff wore even, almost uniform-like outfits – a red scarf, white shirt, and navy suit, which perfectly complemented the booth’s colour scheme.


Promotional techniques: Attracting attention and showcasing the brand

Creating the booth, we employed a diverse range of promotional techniques to effectively capture attention and represent our client’s brand. These techniques included:

  • 3D Illuminated Logo:
  • LED screen wall
  • Graphics – print on fabric
  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Coloured plexiglass with partner companies logos
  • Graphic lightbox
  • Abundance of Company Slogans

Intentionally we  emphasised  the modern presentation elements, such as LED screens and touchscreens, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and technology. The interactive nature of these elements encouraged engagement and participation from visitors, fostering a positive brand experience. Additionally, the omnipresent client’s logos allowed the booth to be noticed from a distance, reinforcing the brand awareness. . At such prestigious trade shows, stand visibility is not an expense, but it’s an investment.

Booth materials: Creating an inviting and professional space

Our comprehensive booth at the trade show incorporated a range of carefully selected materials to create an atmosphere of professionalism and enhance the overall presentation and promotion of the client’s brand. These materials included:

  • White lamellas,
  • Lacquered, illuminated bar,
  • Concrete-effect panel,
  • Large windows in rooms,
  • Truss with lighting,
  • Concrete-effect panel,
  • Gray carpeting,
  • Fabric graphics,
  • Wooden panels,
  • Platform,
  • Live plants.

The harmonious blend of these materials and design elements resulted in a booth that exuded professionalism, attracted attention, and provided an ideal setting for business interactions. The careful selection of materials and their thoughtful integration contributed to the overall success of the booth, effectively showcasing the brand and fostering positive connections with potential clients.

Modern louvers: Enhancing aesthetics and providing privacy

White louvers adorned the front walls of the upper-level structure, giving it a modern and sophisticated apparance. This decorative motif served not only as an aesthetic element but also as a subtle sound barrier, creating a sense of privacy for discussions in the upper and lower conversation areas.

Sustainable design: Embracing eco-consciousness

The company’s commitment to sustainability was expressed through the use of ecological, green elements at the booth, which now adorn the client’s offices. The extraordinary arrangements of natural moss perfectly emphasized the company’s pro-environmental orientation, giving the booth a unique character. Their layout symbolizes the path to a sustainable future and relates to the slogan “We connect”.  Additionally, the arrangement in the shape of a path subtly guided visitors around the booth.

Company Slogans: Highlighting core values and attracting attention

The slogans “We care,” “We connect Europe,” and “We innovate” encapsulate the core principles of the Raben Group. By strategically placing its company slogans in highly visible locations, the Raben Group effectively communicated its core values and attracted the attention of potential clients. This approach not only enhanced the company’s presence at the trade show but also contributed to generating leads and fostering positive brand perceptions.

Step into the booth: Experience Transport Logistic 2023!

Go back in time to experience the atmosphere of the Transport Logistic 2023 trade fair!

The video below captures the essence of our booth, showcasing its impressive design and the bustling crowds of attendeesd. Feel the excitement of the trade fair and see how the described before elements of our booth caught the attention of visitors with their unique design.

Awards and recognition: Highlighting excellence

Our booth at Transport Logistic 2023 received the prestigious second-place award in the Exhibition of the Year 2023 competition in the category of foreign trade fair stands over 100 m². This remarkable achievement was bestowed by the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.

Booth goals achieved with 100% success! It garnered immense interest from visitors, and the ubiquitous live plants underscored the company’s commitment to sustainable development. Additionally, our collective efforts were recognized with a prestigious award.

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