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Meliński Minuth


Michał Stawecki


Description of the project

Inhorgenta is the International Trade Fair for Jewelry, Watches, and Lifestyle in Munich. The fair is visited annually by thousands of guests and buyers from nearly 100 countries, seeking to learn about trends for the upcoming season and contract the latest collections.

Among the exhibitors, one can find watchmakers, jewelers, and jewelry designers. Additionally, the fair offers shows, brand premieres, and an interesting program consisting of numerous seminars and panel discussions.

It is a highly prestigious event. The booths must also highlight the importance of the event.

The 100-square-meter exhibition stand for the ELIXA brand, which we had the pleasure of designing and executing at the above-mentioned fair, emphasized the company’s high position in the industry.

Elixa perfectly combines modern design with fashion trends, creating projects for bold, brave women who value unique accessories. The brand brings this vision to life in both jewelry and watch designs. On one hand, it reflects current trends; on the other, the brand’s creators pay homage to femininity – colorful, diverse, and intriguing.

The elegance that represents the ELIXA brand had to be reflected in the exhibition stand we designed. Prestige, top-quality materials, modern design, and simultaneously simplicity and classicism – these are the elements that were included in the project.

The entire stand was placed on a lit podium. The walls of the stand were covered with concrete-like laminate.

The top of the stand was crowned with a banner made of 40 meters of high-quality fabric. The banner ensured our client’s visibility, even from the farthest parts of the hall.

Illuminated logos of the client, placed around the stand, played a significant role. An exceptionally striking element of the exhibition stand was a large lightbox with a model’s graphic.

A characteristic element that added charm to the stand were the illuminated, spacious plexiglass showcases. Inside were the client’s products.

Elegant, high-gloss lacquered display units with illuminated logos and interiors perfectly complemented the space. They effectively showcased the client’s exclusive products.

A large screen allowed the presentation of attractive advertising films of the Elixa brand.

A significant part of the stand was open to a wide audience, so that every visitor could get to know the brand’s offer.

Exceptionally prestigious watch models were presented only to a selected group of clients. They were placed in locked showcases located in the VIP room. The VIP room featured a simple, minimalist design, dominated by white and black with gray elements – reminiscent of the concrete walls of the stand. The large table and space were conducive to negotiations and concluding new business contracts during the fair.

It is worth emphasizing that, in line with Meliński Minuth’s policy and the standards of Sustainable Event Management ISO 20121, the stand was designed and executed with the thought of reusing elements multiple times. The design was adapted to the surface and location and was repeated at the Intergift fair in Madrid, as well as at the next edition of the Inhorgenta fair.

The common values for the Elixa brand and Meliński Minuth are not only high-quality materials and execution and prestige but also the importance of conducting activities in accordance with sustainable management principles and respecting the natural environment.

The simplicity and purity of the design emphasized the brand’s prestige and elegance. Exclusive decorative elements and appropriate lighting highlighted the brand’s character. The ELIXA brand exhibition stand is proof that sometimes less is more.

We know what is and will be crucial in creating an effective trade show image