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We have been serving you for over 25 years, focusing on making our clients successful. We don’t just offer professional design services and construction of exhibition stands, but most of all our invaluable experience and expert support. We have been arranging commercial and private interiors, designing showrooms or producing custom-made furniture since the beginning of the company’s existence.
The quality of our services is confirmed by the fact that 90% of clients decide to work with Meliński Minuth again. The statistics confirm that the knowledge we pass on is extremely valuable during the preparations for trade shows.

Meliński Minuth 

exhibition stand 

Creating a con­cept of a tra­de fair stand is a pro­cess in which we cre­ate a spa­ce that is per­fec­tly suited to your needs. The prio­ri­ty for us is to cre­ate a pro­ject that will deli­ght visi­tors with its form and ori­gi­nal visu­al con­cept, whi­le at the same time display­ing your pro­duct offer. People mat­ter in our work. We do not for­get, the­re­fo­re, that the stand must also be a com­for­ta­ble pla­ce of work for your team.

However, a stand design is just only one of the impor­tant steps in pre­pa­ra­tion of a mar­ket event. No less impor­tant is the exe­cu­tion of that design in the spa­ce of an exhi­bi­tion hall. Over 25 years of expe­rien­ce allows us to guaran­tee the highest quali­ty of workmanship.

interior design 

Meliński Minuth is not only fair stands! We are able to pre­pa­re uni­que offi­ces and inte­riors. Our desi­gners are con­stan­tly looking for inno­va­ti­ve solu­tions and fresh ide­as. They can liven up any interior.

Designers will pre­pa­re a pro­ject and cho­ose the right mate­rials. Our pro­duc­tion will reali­ze the most deman­ding vision!

We design offi­ce and resi­den­tial inte­riors, show­ro­oms, open spa­ces and much more.

Quality and design

What distin­gu­ishes us from other tra­de fair com­pa­nies is the quali­ty and design – the two words at the core of our busi­ness The con­cepts of tra­de fair stands are cre­ated by our team of pro­fes­sio­nal desi­gners, gra­du­ates of art and tech­ni­cal uni­ver­si­ties. It gives you - and us - the cer­ta­in­ty that pro­jects will not only rema­in a vision on paper, but - at a later sta­ge - will beco­me a real exhi­bi­tion spa­ce . Modern design inspi­red by glo­bal trends in the exhi­bi­tion, enri­ched by high quali­ty work­man­ship, is our hal­l­mark on the European event mar­ket. Quality, time­ly deli­ve­ry of the stand and the wow effect - this is the shor­test sum­ma­ry of what our clients say abo­ut us.


Meliński Minuth is a team of cre­ati­ve people who­se pas­sion is the exhi­bi­tion fair. In our com­pa­ny, we fol­low the spi­rit of the times and the latest trends. We do not for­get, howe­ver, that the past also gives us what is neces­sa­ry for the ulti­ma­te suc­cess - our know-how. Thousands of suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ted pro­jects give us the know­led­ge neces­sa­ry to allow you to entrust us with the com­pre­hen­si­ve pre­pa­ra­tion of your par­ti­ci­pa­tion in tra­de fairs. Our team is a mix of expe­rien­ce and youth. The mixtu­re is often explo­si­ve, but it guaran­te­es you the power of unfor­get­ta­ble, posi­ti­ve impressions.

Our projects 

Companies we've worked for 

See what we do 

Our clients value us for the quali­ty, design and com­pre­hen­si­ve­ness of our servi­ces. We offer you:

cre­ati­ve design, con­si­stent with trends in glo­bal exhibitions

relia­ble valuation

trans­port, also at your requ­est, of your products

per­fect assem­bly and disman­tling of the tra­de fair stand, with full atten­tion to your products

tech­ni­cal sup­port during the tra­de fair event

appro­val of the tech­ni­cal pro­ject with the event orga­ni­zer, orde­ring the media, making sta­tic cal­cu­la­tions, pro­vi­ding the neces­sa­ry fire pro­tec­tions, i.e. all the for­ma­li­ties that keep you awa­ke at night

cate­ring, mul­ti­me­dia solu­tions, hosts and hostes­ses, flo­ral deco­ra­tions, orga­ni­za­tion of events at the stand and a wide ran­ge of servi­ces accom­pa­ny­ing the fair.

This is our spe­cial­ty. Your requ­ire­ments are our inspi­ra­tion and the slo­gan “sky is the limit” is our guiding mot­to. We under­stand the need to display your pro­ducts not only in the exhi­bi­tion area, but also in the offi­ce or com­mer­cial area. We cre­ate show­ro­oms, POS islands, which pre­sent your offer in an indi­vi­du­ali­zed way, at the same time beco­ming an excel­lent sales tool. We also pro­vi­de an ori­gi­nal event set­ting which for a long time rema­in in the memo­ry of the participants.

The process of creation and implementation 

Your needs

We love meeting our clients! Getting to know you, the com­pa­ny and the main ide­as that guide its acti­vi­ties are essen­tial for us to cre­ate a stand tailo­red to your needs. We listen care­ful­ly, we are not afra­id to ask questions, we are always ava­ila­ble whe­ne­ver you need us to sup­port you.

Design & creation

Our design team is com­po­sed of people who love the­ir work. Their remar­ka­ble ide­as make us disco­ver aga­in that, what seemed to have no secrets from us. It is not abo­ut repro­du­cing what has alre­ady been cre­ated, but cre­ating some­thing that will be an inspi­ra­tion for others. We go thro­ugh the design pro­cess toge­ther with you - we are hap­py to discuss it, so as to cre­ate a tra­de fair stand that ful­ly imple­men­ting your ideas.

Realization of goals

Our clients are what is most impor­tant to us! Our goal is your satis­fac­tion. We are awa­re that we will achie­ve it only when our per­fect pro­ject will be reali­zed in the form of the buil­ding of the highest quali­ty. The next step is to ensu­re that your tra­de stra­te­gy has beco­me not only a vision but a com­ple­ted plan.



We like to feel appre­cia­ted and are not asha­med of it. Our posi­tion on the mar­ket is high­li­gh­ted by awards such as Poznan's Leader of Entrepreneurship or Trade Fair Leader; whe­re­as com­men­da­tions in Exposition of the Year are the deter­mi­nants of the best design. 

We would like to give our heart­felt thanks for the pre­pa­ra­tion and exe­cu­tion of the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP in Katowice. We thank you for your input into the exe­cu­tion of such a uni­que pro­ject on a glo­bal sca­le, which requ­ired wor­king to tight time­sca­les and coping with extre­me logi­sti­cal, tech­ni­cal and orga­ni­sa­tio­nal demands. We would par­ti­cu­lar­ly like to thank you for your pro­fes­sio­na­lism and dedication.

Przemysław Trawa CEO, Poznań International Fair Sp. z o.o.

We are very satis­fied by the quali­ty of the servi­ces pro­vi­ded by Meliński Minuth. The com­pa­ny pre­sen­ted the right appro­ach to ful­fil­ling our needs star­ting with the ini­tial conver­sa­tion, thro­ugh to the design, con­struc­tion and assem­bly of the sales stand. We wish to under­li­ne the­ir cre­ati­vi­ty, enga­ge­ment and speed.

Grzegorz Szukiel Managing Director, De Dietrich Heating Technologies Sp. z o.o.

The full dedi­ca­tion of your employ­es to our pro­ject means that we can recom­mend Meliński Minuth with ple­asu­re, as a dili­gent and tru­stwor­thy supplier.

Anna Mikielska Deputy Sales Director, POLFLAM sp. z o.o

We are deli­gh­ted to recom­mend Meliński Minuth as the best sup­plier of exhi­bi­tion stands. We do not use such words witho­ut a good reason. Our co-operation was excel­lent from start to finish. Both your advi­ce and the quali­ty of exe­cu­tion of the stand is uni­que in the industry.

Barbara Piekarz Marketing Specialist, Cream – pro­fes­sio­nal food indu­stry technologies

One of the key fac­tors of our suc­cess at the exhi­bi­tion was your outside-the-box way of thin­king. The quali­ty of the fini­shing and the dili­gen­ce of your employ­ees dese­rve par­ti­cu­lar praise.

Joanna Ossowska – Rodziewicz Marketing Director, Fibar Group sp. z o.o.

Thank you for your co-operation this year. It has been been seam­less. Together, we have an esta­bli­shed pro­cess, whe­re both sides try to ful­fil each others’ needs.

Krzysztof Gańko Marketing Specialist, KIA Motors Polska sp. z o. o.

ISO 20121 


We are the first com­pa­ny that builds stands in Europe, which has deci­ded to imple­ment the ISO 20121 stan­dard for Balanced Event Management. This pre­sti­gio­us cer­ti­fi­ca­te con­firms that our acti­vi­ties are car­ried out in accor­dan­ce with the prin­ci­ple of respec­ting the local com­mu­ni­ty and the natu­ral environment.