Take care of your customers safety! 

Partitions for restau­rants, cafes, bars and hotels signi­fi­can­tly impro­ve epi­de­mic safe­ty in your pre­mi­ses, limi­ting the pro­pa­ga­tion of air exha­led by infec­ted people.

The pro­duct is also suita­ble for beau­ty salons, doctors sur­ge­ries and other pla­ces whe­re cau­tion is advised.

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Partitions signi­fi­can­tly impro­ve epi­de­mic safe­ty by limi­ting the pro­pa­ga­tion of exha­led air by infec­ted indi­vi­du­als. However, the­se are not sealed par­ti­tions, such as slu­ices in infec­tio­us hospi­tals, the­re­fo­re they do not pro­vi­de full pro­tec­tion aga­inst infec­tio­us agents.

Protective partitions 

Safety first 

A ple­xi­glass par­ti­tion is an ide­al way to cre­ate a safe and sepa­ra­te spa­ce in the room. These types of par­ti­tions can be suc­cess­ful­ly used: in offi­ces, recep­tion desks and public uti­li­ties, eve­ry­whe­re we have direct con­tact with ano­ther person.

As a com­pa­ny with spe­cia­li­zed equ­ip­ment we are able to cre­ate a par­ti­tion suited to your needs and dimensions.

Remember, virus pro­tec­tion, first of all limi­ting con­tact with sick per­son is very impor­tant. Our ple­xi­glass par­ti­tions effec­ti­ve­ly help to care for employ­ees’ health.


We cre­ate par­ti­tions for:

  • offi­ces
  • open spa­ce
  • pro­duc­tion halls
  • fac­to­ries
  • waiting room
  • beau­ty and hair salons
  • libra­ries
  • scho­ols
  • restau­rant
  • museums
  • hotels
  • com­mon spaces
  • shop­ping malls
  • gro­ce­ry stores
  • taxis
  • public trans­port
  • bouti­qu­es
  • gyms
  • show­ro­oms etc.

We offer:

  • Custom-made ple­xi­glass
  • Anti-virus ple­xi­glass covers
  • Shields for employ­ees aga­inst viruses
  • Octanorms sys­tem partitions
  • Protective par­ti­tions from HDF board
  • HDF + PLEXI shields


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