ISH Frankfurt 

ISH is the world’s leading tra­de fair for respon­si­ble water and ener­gy mana­ge­ment in buil­dings. During the event we had the ple­asu­re to imple­ment the stand
for Marmite. The who­le drew atten­tion with its inten­se color from the out­si­de, refer­ring to the colors of the brand and a sim­ple form that resem­bled the sha­pe of the house.

Characteristic featu­res of the stand:

  • sim­ple form
  • wall com­po­si­tion using custo­mer products
  • sub­tle lighting
  • gra­phics on the wall
  • conve­nient zoning
  • custom-made displays.
    Are you looking for uni­que solu­tions for your stand?

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Trade fair stand

ISH Frankfurt

Design & Realization:

Meliński Minuth